Hi Ben.

ginuwine singing pony in honor of lil Sebastian is one of the best things that has ever happened to me


when you play the cones of dunshire you win or you die


a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop


'This is how I greet everyone now'

"When it comes to comedy, it might be interesting to know why an airplane works, but really? Maybe it’s better not to know why certain things work. Just fly the thing, and if nothing falls apart, you’ll be fine."

When I was at a GoT panel, Lena Headey had mentioned how she and Peter had lived together for quite a while, and that when she didn’t give him the proper amount of attention, Peter would come storming into the room, saying, “I’ve been pretending to be fucking dead in the other room for like two hours! What the fuck have you been doing?”

Apparently he played dead quite a lot when he wasn’t getting enough attention.